Learning Designer (LDSE)

About the project

In order for technology to enhance learning in classrooms, teachers need to be involved in its design. In this way technology and teaching can evolve together to improve productivity and efficiency.

The LDSE project is building software to engage university teachers in the design of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) which is informed by pedagogic research and appropriate theories of teaching and learning.

The software will also allow lecturers to build their professional knowledge collaboratively, through sharing their learning designs and contributing to the LDSE’s collection of reference material and resources.


LDSE runs from September 2008 to August 2011 with funding of £1.1m. The team is led by Professor Diana Laurillard at the Institute of Education, London. Other team members are based at the University of Oxford, Birkbeck University of London, the London School of Economics, the Royal Veterinary College and London Metropolitan University. They include educational researchers, computer scientists and learning design specialists.

Methods and highlights

The project team has worked extensively with lecturers to gain a greater understanding of their requirements for a supportive learning design environment. In laying the groundwork for the optimal environment the team has uncovered a large potential audience for the software, particularly among early-career lecturers and experienced lecturers looking to make greater use of TEL to support their students in the classroom and online.

The team has also developed an ontology of learning design which forms the bedrock of the software work and will be a valuable resource for future researchers in this field.

LDSE in a tweet: building an environment for teachers’ creative use of digital technologies in experimenting with curriculum design approaches.

Whats next for LDSE and TEL?

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