Central programme

Professor Richard Noss, TEL Director

  • Professor of Mathematics Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, and co-director of the London Knowledge Lab
  • Also co-Principal Investigator of the MiGen project

James O’Toole, TEL Manager

  • manages central programme activities including events, publications, web content and dissemination full details

Katy Jordan

  • supports programme-wide research and communication activities across the TEL programme including web development


Project principal investigators (click projects for full team lists)

Professor Liz Burd, University of Durham: SynergyNet project

Professor Patrick Carmichael, Liverpool John Moores University: Ensemble project

Professor Margaret Cox, King’s College London: hapTEL project

Professor Vic Lally, University of Glasgow: Inter-Life project

Professor Diana Laurillard, London Knowledge Lab, University of London: Learning Designer project

Dr Kaska Porayska-Pomsta, London Knowledge Lab, University of London: Echoes project

Prof. Richard Noss, London Knowledge Lab, University of London: MiGen project

Prof. Mike Sharples, Open University: Personal Inquiry/nQuire project


Thematic strand leaders (see above menu for themes)

Patrick Carmichael, Liverpool John Moores University: Early Career Researchers

Grainne Connole, University of Leicester: Interdisciplinarity

Richard Cox, University of Edinburgh: Technology Enhanced Research

Fred Garnett, London Knowledge Lab: Digital Literacies

Julia Gillen, University of Lancaster: Digital Literacies

Vic Lally, University of Glasgow: Ethics

Diana Laurillard, London Knowledge Lab: Productivity

Rose Luckin, London Knowledge Lab: Artificial Intelligence in Education

Lydia Plowman, University of Stirling: Early Years.

Kaska Porayska Pomsta, London Knowledge Lab: User modelling

Eileen Scanlon, Open University: Interdisciplinarity

Jane Seale, University of Plymouth: Digital Inclusion

Neil Selwyn, London Knowledge Lab: Education 2.0

Mike Sharples, Open University: Ethics



Stephanie Northen, Freelance Journalist

Jeremy Henderson and Richard Woolfenden, Xube (Video) Productions


Advisory Group Members

Sir Tim O’Shea, University of Edinburgh (Chair)

DK Arvind, University of Edinburgh

Barry Brooks, Tribal Group

Richard Cox, University of Edinburgh

David de Roure, University of Oxford

Vania Dimitrova, University of Leeds

Keri Facer, Manchester Metropolitan University

John Gardner, University of Stirling

Sarah Knight, JISC

Rose Luckin, London Knowledge Lab

Vanessa Pittard, Technology Policy Unit

Lydia Plowman, University of Stirling

Andrew Pollard, TLRP

Seb Schmoller, Association for Learning Technology

Josie Taylor, Open University


PhD Students

associated with TEL projects.


Rachel Menzies


Nicola Beddall-Hill
Sanna Rimpilainen


Brian Tse

Lewis Hyland

Tracy-Ann Green

Arash Shahriari Rad


Nick Bowskill


Roser Pujadas


Boon Liang ChuaMihaela Cocea


Iyad Alagha
Fuad Alhosban
Yasser Bamarouf
Andy Burn
Henri Cook
Stephen Cummins
Liam Don
Ryan Ford
Chris Foster
Adam Low
Azhar Mazlan
Carl Nattrass
Mansour Al-Shumari

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